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Pivot TV, Team On New Documentary

Pivot TV had teamed with online job listings company to develop a new documentary that focuses on the career pursuits of millennials, said network officials.

The documentary, Generation Job: The Pursuit to Find Better, will debut Jan. 27 and will chronicle the stories of Lisi (age 31), Allah Jesus (28), and Tiffany (27) & Shala (30) as they seek employment opportunities and to transform passion into a career, said Pivot.

The special is part of a previously announced, multi-tier initiative between Monster and Pivot providing millennials with the tools and knowledge to “Find Better” in their lives and careers despite a challenging economic environment and competitive job market.

“This documentary shows the real-life struggles many Millennials are facing as they navigate their way into the job market while trying to follow career paths that will be meaningful and have an impact,” said Craig Parks, senior vice president of Digital & Live Programming in a statement.