Pivot Pairs With Lyft for #JustVote Campaign

Pivot's news program 'TakePart Live' and TakePart.com have paired with the on-demand rideshare app, Lyft, to encourage voting in the midterm election on Nov. 4., the network announced today.

New Lyft riders will be eligible for a free ride up to $25, by using the code JustVote, from Oct. 24 to Nov. 4.

TakePart’s #JustVote campaign started the promotion with the intention to get voters to ‘think nationally, and vote locally.’ 

“Registering is just the first step, if you don’t get to the polls to vote your voice doesn’t count. I’m excited to have Lyft on board to close the last mile so there’s no excuse, everyone should Just Vote," said co-host Jacob Soboroff in a release.

The campaign joined Rock the Vote to promote voter registration, and now Lyft plans to help voters through the entire process.

"Voter turnout for mid-terms are always lower than Presidential elections-15-20% on average, and this time the entire House of Representatives and one–third of the Senate up for reelection this November, said EVP of Social Action for Participant Media, Chad Boettcher in a release. This is a pivotal vote!"

TakePart reports on-air and online election stories throughout the year until the 2016 Primary Elections. Hosted by Jacob Soboroff, Meghan McCain and Baratunde Thurston, TakePart Live airs Monday-Friday at 10 p.m.