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Pivot Launches On College Campuses Via Philo

Pivot said it will launch on college campuses nationwide via the Philo live-TV streaming service. The Participant Media-owned programmer, which aims at millennial viewers, said the September launch will make Pivot available to more than a dozen universities as students are returning to school. Philo has told Multichannel News it now has deals in place with "dozens" of universities, but has identified the following 10 schools on its Web site: Yale University, Fort Hays State University, University of Washington, Roanoke College, Harvard University, Lubbock Christian University, Stanford, Wesleyan University, Pepperdine University, and William Patterson University of New Jersey.

Stephanie Ruyle, Pivot’s EVP of Distribution, said in a release: “As a network for millennials, we are very excited to now be carried on Philo’s system, which is made for our core audience.”

Pivot’s programming includes the recent Emmy-winning series HITRECORD ON TV, created by and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Please Like Me, created by and starring Josh Thomas (pictured), and news and entertainment talk show TakePart Live, hosted by Meghan McCain and Jacob Soboroff.

Philo, previously known as Tivli, uses a university’s existing IP network and existing contracts with satellite providers to securely stream television on a verified basis to student laptops, tablets, smartphones and TVs across participating campuses.