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Pennsylvania Senators Ask FCC to Approve Comcast/TWC

Sens. Bob Casey and Pat Toomey, the Democrat and Republican, respectively, representing Comcast's home state of Pennsylvania, have written the FCC asking it to approve the deal, and do so ASAP.

Frequently legislators are more couched in their support, saying the deal has benefits and urging the FCC to move swiftly on a decision. But the pair made it clear they wanted the FCC to sign off on it.

"We believe the merger between Comcast and Time Warner will produce extensive benefits to the public in terms of jobs and services for low-income households," they wrote. "Also, Comcast has informed us that the merger will provide improved Internet access with no corresponding decrease in competition. The public should not have to wait for these benefits. Accordingly, we urge you to approve the merger as soon as possible."

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