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Pai, Rosenworcel Pledge Collegiality

Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai have released their first
statements as FCC Commissioners -- they were sworn in Monday -- consisting of
announcing their arrival and willingness to work together.

"This morning, I was honored to be sworn in as an FCC
Commissioner alongside Commissioner Rosenworcel," said Pai's statement.
"I am grateful for the warm welcome that was extended to me by Chairman
Genachowski, Commissioner McDowell, Commissioner Clyburn, and members of the
FCC staff. I also want to thank once again President Obama for nominating me
and the United States Senate for confirming me. I look forward to working with
my new colleagues at the Commission to promote competition and innovation in
the communications marketplace that will work for the benefit of all

"I am honored and humbled that President Obama and the
United States Senate have entrusted me with the privilege and responsibility of
serving as a Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission," said
Rosenworcel. "I pledge to work with the Administration, the Congress, my
fellow Commissioners, and the American people to ensure that everyone across
this country has access to the best, most reliable communications in the world.
In the 21st century, these are the networks that impact everything we do; they
are an essential part of our public safety, our economic security, and our
civic life. They are the key to digital age opportunity."

Both had to wait about six months between their unanimous
and bipartisan Senate Commerce Committee recommendation and the Senate's vote
last week to approve, also unanimous after Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa)
lifted a hold on the nominations for an unrelated issue.