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Pai, O'Rielly to FCC: Delay Title II Vote

With the last ditch in sight before the Feb. 26 vote on reclassifying Internet service providers as telecoms under Title II, minority FCC commissioners Ajit Pai and Michael O'Rielly have asked agency chairman Tom Wheeler to delay the vote.

They want the chairman to release the 332-page draft order – a request Pai has made before – and give "the American people" at least 30 days to study it.

Pai and O'Rielly said if the FCC does that, then takes more time to vet those new comments, it could proceed to a final vote. They say new comments are needed given that the proposal is "dramatically different" from the chairman's May 2014 proposal, which did not rely on Title II but instead on a commercially reasonable standard under Sec. 706 authority.

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