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Pai: No Discussions With AT&T in Cohen 'Pay' Period

FCC chairman Ajit Pai said neither he nor his staff talked with AT&T representatives during the period when the company was paying for insights into the new administration, including reportedly on net neutrality, from the President's then-attorney, Michael Cohen. 

That came in a press conference following the FCC's public meeting in response to a question from Bloomberg reporter Todd Shields.

AT&T has confirmed it paid Cohen's company, Essential Consultants, but that it was not for legal or lobbying work

One insight AT&T was certainly interested in is how the President viewed the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger. Candidate Trump had said his administration would block an effort to combine AT&T with CNN parent Time Warner. He has been a vocal critic of the cable news net as one of the ringleaders of what he says has been a liberal media "fake news" attack on his presidency.