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Pai Eyes 50-60 GHz Spectrum for Virtual Reality

FCC commissioner Ajit Pai, appearing on C-SPAN's Communicators series, said the FCC should be looking into high-band spectrum (50 GHz-60 GHz) to help feed the need for more bandwidth for a potential virtual reality media environment.

Asked what role the FCC had in the virtual reality space, Pai said he had talked with an engineer at the CES show in Las Vegas who hoped the FCC would be willing to help out with spectrum.

Pai pointed out that virtual reality is a particularly bandwidth hungry application. "If you are looking at high-resolution virtual reality pictures, that requires extremely high bandwidth, and that means a lot of spectrum," he said.

Pai said the engineer he spoke with advised that it would be great if the FCC took the initiative on freeing up that very high-band spectrum with the "super wide" channels that would accommodate the through-put virtual reality requires.  Pai said that was an area in which the FCC could "operate."

He said he would volunteer to test any future such innovations personally.