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Pai: C-Band Item Will Be on February Meeting Agenda

FCC chair Ajit Pai said he will be circulating a C-Band item next week for a vote at the February meeting.

The FCC is proposing to auction 280 MHz out of the 500 MHz total in a band currently used for, among other things, satellite delivery of programming networks to broadcasters and cable operators, and for some remote-to-studio transmissions.

The item is the latest in a series of FCC efforts to free up spectrum for next-gen wireless.

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That news came in a press conference following its Jan. 30 public meeting. He would not comment on reports the FCC would offer satellite operators a "single-digit" billion incentive payment for clearing off the spectrum ASAP.

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The C-Band Alliance has signaled it wants a share of the auction revenues, and was less than happy with a new bill this week that would also include such an incentive payment, but capped at $1 billion.