Oxygen’s Addicted To Spa Series

Oxygen will go inside the world of medi-spas with its new docu-series, Addicted to Beauty.

The series, as seen through the eyes of the larger than life staff at one of the country's hottest beauty enhancement facilities in California, will become part of the women’s-targeted network’s schedule next year with eight episodes.

Addicted to Beauty, which will chronicle the young, attractive and broke who come in for spray tans and hits of Botox, as well as the affluent looking for tummy tucks and boob jobs, joins previously announced Dance Your Ass Off, as the first two series from the network’s new development team, led by Amy Introcaso-Davis, senior vice president of original programming and development. Competition show Dance is also slated to debut next year, with a minimum of 10 installments.

"Obsession with beauty is addictive to watch and Addicted to Beauty gives our audience a vicarious glimpse into that fascinating world," said Introcaso-Davis in a statement.

Oxygen also has several other projects in various stages of development:

*Hogs & Heifers is a docu-series following the lives of business owner Michelle Dell and her saucy, foul- mouthed, fire-blowing bartenders in two of the famous Hogs & Heifers locations, New York and Las Vegas.

*The Girls follows the Nashville country music stardom dreams of  Jennifer Wayne (granddaughter of John Wayne), Tayla Lynn (granddaughter of Loretta Lynn), and Caroline Cutbirth (great great great great grandniece of Daniel Boone)

*The Naughty Kitchen takes a look at Blythe Beck, a 28-year-old Texan, the naughty head chef at Hector’s on Henderson, a top-rated restaurant in Dallas.

*Lady and the Champ chronicles Sugar Shayne Mosley and his fast-talking, Korean-American wife Jin, with her thick Long Island accent, as they raise their four young kids and interact with a strange extended family.