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Outdoor Channel Buys Winnercom

Outdoor Channel Holdings said it has acquired Winnercomm Inc., the independent producer of such shows as Under Wild Skies and owner of the Skycam and Cablecam systems, for undisclosed terms.

"The acquisition of Winnercomm offers multiple benefits for Outdoor Channel," Outdoor Channel CEO Roger L. Werner said in a release. "We will strengthen our ability to develop compelling outdoor content in an efficient manner, gain access to additional sponsorship sales capabilities, and add a rapidly growing asset in the Skycam and Cablecam systems. Outdoor Channel and Winnercomm have a history of successful collaboration on-air and on the web. We look forward to capitalizing on Winnercomm's extensive capabilities as we build upon our category leadership position across multiple distribution platforms."

Tulsa, Okla.-based Winnercomm's core capabilities include TV and remote/live production, broadcast and corporate design services, interactive design and related services, cable and other marketing services, and sports sales. Winnercomm supplies more than 1,000 hours of programming annually to 14 national television networks including outdoor programs such as Under Wild Skies, which aired on ESPN over the past 14 years, Driven to Hunt and The World's Greatest Fishing Show, both of which currently air on ESPN.

The Skycam and Cablecam systems center around a sophisticated, computer controlled cable suspension system that supports, stabilizes and allows for three dimensional movement of a camera to provide overhead video capture of major events.