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Osteen Gives Shout-Out To Rush White Spaces Bill

Media mega-preacher Joel Osteen has added his voice to those
backing a bill that would give wireless microphone users protected status in
the FCC's new "white spaces" database.

When it agreed to allow unlicensed devices to share the
broadcast band with DTV stations, it made that contingent upon creating a
database protecting incumbent TV stations. Wireless mics also use that band,
and a bill (H.R. 4353 ) introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) would allow a
broad category of professional users including churches, theaters and stadiums
to register as well.

"A wireless microphone system is one of our most
fundamental and important tools found in any church across America. These
systems enable communities to worship together through music, prayer, and hear
a message of hope each week," Osteen wrote in a letter to Rush. "I
want to congratulate you and thank you for introducing such an important piece
of legislation."

In addition to preaching in his Lakewood
church in Houston
, Osteen has a broadcast ministry in the U.S. as well
150 countries.