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O'Rielly Vote Postponed

Looks like the FCC will have to remain short-handed a bit longer.

In a government shutdown-related move, the Senate Commerce Committee has canceled the Oct. 3 executive session, at which it was supposed to vote on the nomination of Michael O'Rielly to succeed Rob McDowell in the open Republican seat on the commission.

"The committee can't operate normally when there is a government shutdown," said a committee staffer, who added that they probably should not be talking to the press because that is not considered one of their core legislative functions, which they are apparently limited to under the shutdown.

O'Rielly's approval by the committee, which is anticipated, would then pave the way for a full Senate vote on both his nomination and that of FCC chair nominee Tom Wheeler, whose nomination has already been approved by the committee.

No new date was listed for the vote. Among the other nominees not getting a vote Thursday is Terrell McSweeney, Democratic nominee for the Federal Trade Commission.

The FCC is currently at its minimum three members, two Democrats and one Republican. The FTC is at four members, two Democrats and Two Republicans.