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One America News Poll Has Trump at 30% in Iowa

According to a poll from Gravis Marketing just released by One America News Network, GOP presidential contender Donald Trump received 30.9% of the vote from Iowa voter respondents when asked which GOP candidate they would vote for if they had to vote now.

A distant second was Scott Walker at 15.4% and Jeb Bush at 10%.

No surprise here, but Hillary Clinton led with Iowa voters among Democratic candidates if the election were now with 50.8%, with Bernie Sanders a respectable second at 24%.

The poll was a random survey of 670 registered Iowa voters including 277 Republican caucus participants, 236 Democratic caucus participants and 207 who said they planned to vote in 2016, but not in the primaries/caucuses.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8% [6.5% for the Republican Caucus/6.4% for the Democratic Caucus].