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O.J. 10 Years Later on Court TV

Court TV will air a special episode of Catherine Crier Live Friday from 5 p.m.-6 p.m. to mark the 10th anniversary of the verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial.

Among those who will appear: Dominick Dunne, host of Court TV’s Power, Privilege & Justice,who covered the trial for Vanity Fair; forensics expert Dr. Henry Lee, star of Court TV’s Trace Evidence: From the Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee and a witness in the case; Simpson’s former attorneys, Carl Douglas and Howard Weitzman; appellate attorney and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz; Simpson’s current attorney, Yale Galanter; The National Enquirer’s Mike Walker, who wrote a New York Times No. 1 best-selling book about the case; and Associated Press’ Linda Deutsch, one of the most prolific reporters during the trial.

The network said it will also dedicate a special feature to the legacy of the late Johnnie Cochran, who represented Simpson during the trial and passed away this year.