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Obama Campaign Will Try to Have Speech Excerpts in Time for Evening News

The Obama campaign and Democratic National Convention organizers
said Thursday the speech texts could be delayed due to the logistics changes of
moving the last day to TWC Arena, but they said they would try to get excerpts
of the president's speech to new organizations before the network evening
newscasts begin at 6:30 p.m.

In a backgrounder with reporters, the Dems did not give away
much about the president's speech other than to suggest it highlight the choice
between the two candidates, lay out the president's case for another for years
and his vision for policies that would earn his reelection, and to strongly
suggest he would be mentioning both the troops and ending the war in
Afghanistan, which they pointed out Governor Romney did not mention in his

Look for Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) to focus on foreign
policy in his speech, both critiquing the Romney positions and pointing to the president's

Asked about the platform flap over leaving out "God
given" in one section and Jerusalem as Israel's capital in another, party
officials said they had not been taken out of the 2008 platform, but had been
incorrectly omitted from the new one. The president was said to have first
learned about the omissions from news reports, after which he asked that they
be added back to reflect his own views, said the officials.

In some bad news for Earth, Wind & Fire fans, the band,
which was scheduled to appear at Thursday's closing festivities when they were
going to be at Bank of America Stadium, won't fit into Time Warner Cable Arena,
but Foo Fighters and James Brown are still on the bill.