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NTIA Names Spectrum Administrator

Charles Cooper has been named associate administrator of the Office of Spectrum Management at the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, where he will help develop the National Spectrum Strategy mandated by President Trump.

NTIA is the White House's chief communications policy adviser and oversees government spectrum users as the FCC does private ones.

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Cooper, who comes aboard July 1, was most recently at the FCC, where he was involved in radio frequency enforcement. He will also coordinate interagency run-up to the World Radiocommunicatoins Conference in the fall.

Before joining the FCC, Cooper was senior engineer and partner with engineering firm du Triel, Lundin, and Rackley, Inc.

Freeing up more government spectrum, either by giving it up or sharing it, is a priority for the Trump Administration as it tries to beat China in the race to next generation--5G--wireless broadband.