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NTIA Explains Web Site Confusion Over DTV Hard Date

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A spokesman for the National Telecommunications & Information Administration says that the reason its Web site talks both about the move of the DTV hard date to June 12 and the hard date still being Feb. 17 is that the president has still not signed the bill that moves the date.

Currently, the section updating the DTV-to-analog coupon box program on NTIA's DTV transition Web site says that Congress has voted to move the date. The section on the DTV transition still talks about all analog shutting off on Feb. 17.

"The deadline is of June 12 is not public law until the president signs the bill," said NTIA spokesman Bart Forbes. "At that point we will update all references to the DTV deadline on the Web site."

While the president at press time had still not signed the bill-a White House spokesperson had not responded to an inquiry into why that had not happened yet-the FCC is operating as though the date has been moved, requiring TV stations by midnight Monday to tell the FCC whether they were planning to still go Feb. 17, which would now be early.