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NTIA: Almost a Third of U.S. Does Not Use Internet

Broadband adoption continues to rise across the board, but traditional
disparities continue. In addition, 30% of the respondents in a survey of 50,000
said they don't use the Internet at work or at home.

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration says that new
Census Bureau data for a survey NTIA
commissioned shows that the poor, seniors, and minorities, continue to lag
behind other groups in adoption. (Click here to view a PDF of the survey.)

The Census Bureau survey has adoption at 64% of households, up from 51% in

The most common reasons cited for not having broadband were that it was not
needed (38%) or was too expensive (26%).

In rural areas, lack of access was cited by 11% vs. only 1% in urban areas.

NTIA is currently handing out billions of
dollars in grants to try and boost those deployment and adoption.