NRTC Broadband Unit to Promote Sling TV

NeoNova, a unit of the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) focused on broadband ISPs, has launched a referral program that enables affiliates to promote Sling TV, Dish Network’s OTT-TV service for cord-cutters.

NeoNova said the referral program is a result of its efforts to help its affiliates drive revenue and boost customer loyalty. NRTC represents about 1,500 rural utilities and affiliates in the U.S.

“Our Sling TV Referral Program allows rural telcos and affiliates the ability to provide national OTT content to find additional revenue streams and retain their status as the ‘go-to’ solution provider for their customers,” the site about the program explains. 

It should also help to provide more visibility for Sling TV, whose core offering, which includes ESPN, starts at $20 per month. Dish no longer breaks out subscriber numbers for Sling TV, but The Wall Street Journal reported in February that the OTT service had more than 600,000 subs.

"Our affiliates are the go-to local providers for new technologies in their serving areas,” NeoNova CEO Ray Carey said, in a statement. “We've been working with traditional video content and our ViewLocal™ platform for years, and we're excited to add a program that allows our affiliates to promote Sling TV's programming services. Not only will they be able to realize additional revenue, but they can continue to drive awareness with their customers about new services like Sling TV."

ViewLocal, a multi-device, multi-screen successor to its YourStream TV offering, lets affiliates provide local broadcast channels and “hyper local content” via Roku devices, iOS and Android mobile apps, and Web browsers. NeoNova said it handles the authentication, security and deployment logistics.

NeoNova and Sling TV will also be promoting the referral program at next week’s IP Vision Conference  Expo in St. Louis.