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Nothing From Supremes on CBS Indecency Fine, Ownership

The Supreme Court's list of appeals granted and denied once
again did not include a decision on broadcasters' appeal of the FCC's media
ownership rules or the FCC's appeal of a Third Circuit decision throwing out
its $550,000 fine against CBS for the Super Bowl halftime show.

The High Court last week ruled on the FCC's challenge to the
Fox and ABC indecency decisions, but that did not include the Janet Jackson
case, which was appealed separately.

The FCC is currently proposing to loosen the newspaper/broadcast
cross-ownership ban, much as it tried to do back in 2007, but that could be
delayed if the court were to agree to hear challenges to a Third Circuit
decision on ownership rules.

The Supremes have scheduled another release of opinions for
June 28, its last day of the term according to, which live blogs
the releases.

On that day, the court could deny or accept either appeal,
but it could also say nothing and save that call for the fall term.