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Nonfiction Producers Form Trade Group

Several New York-based nonfiction television production companies have united to form the Nonfiction Producers Association (NPA) to support documentary and nonfiction content  creators.

The NPA is tasked to provide industry information, training and assistance to production companies, their staffs and production employees, as well as to promote “best practices” that ensure production employees, independent contractors, vendors and other stakeholders have a voice in the continued success within the television industry, representatives from the non-profit organization said.

 Former NATPE president and CEO Rick Feldman (pictured) will serve as the NPA’s executive director with a board of directors and an Executive committee made up of representatives from the member companies. Charter members in the NPA include Atlas Media Corp., Big Fish Entertainment, Jane Street Entertainment Leftfield Pictures, Loud TV, Magilla Entertainment, Original Media and True Entertainment.

The NPA said in a statement:  “For nearly two decades, the creators, producers, artists, craftspeople and technicians working in reality TV – including documentaries, character-driven reality series, lifestyle series and competition shows – have enthralled audiences worldwide, telling extraordinary stories of real people who share their talents, dreams and frailties. Nonfiction content is a significant part of the programming landscape and, thus, warrants an Association dedicated to the advancement and protection of all those whose talents, hard work and commitment literally created the industry.

The businesses of nonfiction television take pride in providing vibrant creative workplaces and opportunity for thousands of ambitious men and women. The Nonfiction Producers Association looks forward to growing its membership, and eagerly and enthusiastically welcomes many more production companies to our ranks as we unite to protect and celebrate our dynamic entertainment genre.”