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No Title II On FCC Sept. 23 Agenda

The FCC has released its tentative agenda for the Sept. 23 public
meeting and Title II reclassification is nowhere to be seen.

It could always be added, but the odds are long. 

Chairman Julius Genachowski has proposed reclassifying broadband transmissions
under Title II common carrier regs, but action on that, if there is
action, is not expected until later in the fall.

The FCC does plan to vote on an order on the white spaces
proceeding, in which it is allowing unlicensed devices to share the spaces
between broadcasters' DTV channels as a way of spurring advanced Wi-Fi.

Also on
the agenda are two items on improving emergency communications and an
order upgrading the E-rate program, which connects schools and libraries to the
Internet, as part of the National Broadband Plan.