No Sex, No Problem: Steam-Lite Season 2 of 'Bridgerton' Is Unstoppable - Netflix Global Top 10

Netflix original series 'Bridgerton'
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In its first full week on Netflix, Season 2 of Shonda Rhimes romantic drama Bridgerton had the best week ever for an English-language show on the platform, garnering over 251.7 million hours of viewing.

Bridgerton fans over the last week have publicly decried the lack of steamy scenes in Season 2 relative to Season 1. 

But for the week of March 28 - April 3, producer Rhimes' drawing power was absolutely staggering, with Season 1 of Bridgerton -- ranked separately in Netflix's weekly Global Top 10 metrics -- commanding over 53 million viewing hours all on its own.

And if that weren't enough to make Netflix happy that it committed $100 million to lock Rhimes up with an overall deal several years ago, the producer's true-crime limited series biopic, Inventing Anna, remained statistically relevant after nearly two months on Netlfix, garnering another 21 million-plus streaming hours. 

All told, three of the top five entries on Netflix's ranking of English-language shows for March 28 - April 3 had Rhimes' name on top of the marquee.

And the second season of her mega-hit Regency-era drama, brilliantly blending modern music and racially diverse casting and themes into novelist Julia Quinn's bodice-ripping source material, is firmly on pace to surpass the record 625.5 million streaming hours captured by Season 1 in its first 28 days on Netflix a year ago ... despite a lack of bodice-ripping.

Meanwhile, among other content segments measured by Netflix, Ryan Reynolds film The Adam Project has begun to seriously cool from a mid-March start. But it still led the English-language movies category with around 17.7 million streaming hours. 

Released on March 11, The Adam Project ranks No. 5 on Netflix's all-time ranking of English-language film debuts. Its first-28-days-on-platform measuring period ends Thursday. By that time, The Adam Project should surpass No. 4 Extraction, which ended its first four weeks with 231.3 million streaming hours. 

Less impressive was the debut performance of Judd Apatow comedy The Bubble, which captured only 12.5 million viewing hours in its first three days on Netflix. 

Here are last week's rankings:

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