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No Comcast/NBCU Vote on Public Meeting Agenda

It appears
the FCC is expecting to have voted the Comcast/NBCU merger on
circulation before Jan. 25, or at least it currently has no plans to
schedule a public vote on the deal at the Jan. 25 meeting,
as some had speculated it might.
commission released its tentative agenda for the meeting late Tuesday,
the customary three weeks notice, and Comcast/NBCU was not on the

A draft
proposal approving the deal, with conditions, is being vetted this week
by commission staffers, but is not expected to be voted until next week
at the earliest given the commitments of all
five commissioners to travel to Las Vegas at the end of this week for
the Consumer Electronics Show.

The two
items currently scheduled for an FCC vote at the meeting are ones on
ensuring that a public safety broadband network is interoperable, and a
status report on the Data Innovation Initiative,
an effort to "improve the agency's fact-based, data-driven