Nielsen Debuts Media-Planning Software

Nielsen and Interactive Market Systems are launching IMS Clear Decisions, a new media-planning software platform, officials said Wednesday.

IMS Clear Decisions enables advertising agencies, media companies and marketers to quickly and easily access data to pinpoint markets, channels and target groups. 

Clear Decisions goal is to help clients more accurately identify and profile key audiences in order to make better media decisions and generate better return-on-investment results.

Clear Decisions is based on the newest Microsoft .NET technology, which ensures that it will remain relevant—even as technology evolves.  The new platform offers a simple, flexible interface design that provides the quickest path to the most frequently used analyses, requiring far fewer steps to extract insights.  Clear Decisions also provides flexible report formats, custom templates, and hundreds of presentation ready charts.

Nielsen and IMS invested $3.5 million in the development of Clear Decisions, which will be used by more than 16,000 users worldwide.  The software is a mainstay data analysis tool used by advertising agencies, publishers, broadcasters, marketers, and other media companies.

Clear Decisions, launched earlier this month, currently incorporates IMS’s Cross Tab tool for analyzing media and marketing data.  Additional tools for analyzing the full multimedia spectrum will be integrated into Clear Decisions on a rolling basis.