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Nicktoons Gets Makeover

Design firm Exopolis said it has completed a redesign of MTV Networks’ Nicktoons Network.

The redesign includes five promo packages, six 30-second animated network IDs, 20 navigational elements, several stand-alone animations, four logo animations and a 30-second animated cross-channel spot called “Three-Headed Monster.”

Exopolis said the new package uses a modular style, in which “tactile elements such as Post-Its, Polaroids and torn paper are literally taped to the screen, deliberately obscuring the complex animation beneath, to become the only source of communication with the viewer.”

Nicktoons recently began running the promotions. The network is also running a montage of clips from the promotion package every 15 minutes on the Jumbotron screen above MTV: Music Television’s headquarters in Manhattan’s Times Square.