Nick Gets Naked

Pasadena, Calif. -- The Naked Bros. Band is a real family project.

The upcoming Nickelodeon series stars Nat and Alex Wolff as the (clothed) brothers at the core of the band in a series directed by their mother, Polly Draper (thirtysomething).The boys' real father, jazz musician and composer Michael Wolff, plays against type in the series, playing a musically inept pop.

The boys really write the music, and they have been playing in a band for several years. Past gigs have included a benefit for families of New York City firefighters.

Video of the band is already available on Nick's Web site, where it's already a hit, executives said at the Television Critics Association Tour meeting here.

The synopsis of the series: The Naked Bros. are a world-famous rock group and the show chronicles their fame, friendship, temporary breakup and adolescent angst.