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NHMC Praises NBA's Crackdown on Sterling

The National Hispanic Media Coalition Wednesday praised the NBA for what it said was a "swift rebuke of racism."

NHMC staffers were at a rally Tuesday outside the Staples Center to celebrate NBA commissioner Adam Silver's decision to ban Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, fine him and pressure owners to force him to sell the team after his racist comments were outed on TMZ. NHMC said Sterling had a history of discrimination against Latinos but that its presence was meant to show solidarity with the African American community.

NHMC supports forcing the sale and permanently removing Sterling.

"We went to Staples Center to congratulate the new NBA commissioner on his prompt action on this matter," said NHMC president Alex Nogales. "It was a fine example of a decisive embrace of equality and fairness, a model that others in the business community should consider following when dealing with hate," he said.