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NFL Backs Bill to Protect Wireless Mics From Interference

The NFL has added its voice to those strongly backing a bill
to protect wireless microphones from interference.

The microphones share bandwidth with TV stations and, since
the FCC approved their use in the so-called white spaces between channels, with
unlicensed wireless devices including laptops and so-called smart radios.

The bill (HR 4353) would
allow various venues that use wireless mics to register as part of a geo-location
database of places those new unlicensed devices must steer clear of as they
seek out spectrum to use.

"The legislation represents a common sense resolution
to the significant potential risk of interference to the dozens of wireless
microphones deployed by the NFL and our broadcasting partners during all pre,
regular, and postseason football games," NFL VP of Media Operations Glen Adamo wrote in a letter to the bill's author, Rep.
Bobby Rush (D-Ill.)

The venues include stadiums as well as arenas, amusement
parks, convention centers, houses of worship, museum, restaurants, recording
studios, and theaters.