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Newsmax TV To Air Documentary On Confessed JFK Killer

Conservative-leaning cable channel Newsmax TV next Thursday will air a documentary that unveils the alleged, confessed killer of President Kennedy, the network said.

The Nov. 20 documentary, I Killed JFK, features never before seen footage of the confessed killer of JFK as well as forensic and eyewitness evidence previously unavailable to the public, said network officials.

The documentary also includes interviews with the unidentified, alleged assassin as well as two former FBI agents who found the assassin’s confessions credible, said the network.

“As we ramp up Newsmax TV for our official [2015] launch, we’re offering a range of provocative and original programming that interests a large and underserved audience, including the generation raised in the aftermath of that tragic day in Dallas,” Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy said. “They’ll see a movie that adds to the scholarship and the debate surrounding the president’s assassination.”