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News12, NY1 Drive 70% of NY-Area News Tune-Ins

Local news nets News12 and NY1 drive 70% of news tune-ins in the New York DMA, Cablevision Systems and Time Warner Cable claimed in a new report based on data culled from more than 3.3 million area homes.

The study -- New York Television Audience Insights Report – also found that overall viewing preferences by each borough varies, “representing new opportunities for marketers, and that cable's top tuning hours during non-primetime segements surpassed broadcast. 

More specifically, the operators,  which used census-level data that represents nearly half of the New York DMA -- found that the average number of tuning hours and number of networks tuned to differs greatly by zip code, and has identified an emerging audience for Major League Soccer. MLS viewers, the report found, are up 50% over last year, and nearly 20% of those homes are first-time viewers.

Among other findings, they said nearly 30% of local news tuning (Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.) across broadcast and local cable origination stations is exclusively on News 12/NY1.

“With the vast majority of media consumption occurring through the access cable provides to television, this report is an invaluable tool in providing insight into evolving consumer tuning behavior within the NY DMA. We truly can help advertisers gain robust insights into consumer tuning behaviors,” said Joan Gillman, TWC’s EVP and COO, Media Services, in a statement.

“As impression-based television advertising takes off, the New York Television Audience Insights Report demonstrates how census-level audience tuning data can provide a complete view of television audiences to best support agency and marketer campaigns,” added Ben Tatta, president of Cablevision Media Sales. “Together with Time Warner Cable, we are delivering insights that far surpass traditional and sample-based measurement, creating new opportunities for advertisers.”