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Netflix's New ‘Tiger King’ Episode Premieres to Series-High 4.9M Viewers

(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix breakout documentary hit Tiger King continued to roar, with its newly released eighth episode drawing 4.9 million unique U.S. viewers on the day it premiered, according to Nielsen’s SVOD Content Ratings.

The show recorded a first day average minute audience of 4.6 million people.

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None of Tiger King’s previous episodes reached 4 million viewers on their first day. It took about four days for any of them to reach that level, Nielsen said. 

One the first day of release episodes 1-7 of Tiger King had an average minute audience of 280,000 U.S. viewers and reached 741,000 unique U.S. viewers.

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By the time the show had been available for 10 days, it was average an average minute audience of nearly 19 million people, nearly matching th most streamed show, Stranger Things 3. 

Nielsen said Tiger King was the most streamed show last week, watched for more than 5.3 million minutes. No. 2 was Ozark, followed by All American, The Office, Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy. 

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