New CMT Series Grabs the Bull by the Horns

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Beverly Hills, Calif. -- Why would grown actors, singers, retired athletes and reality stars climb aboard a 2,000-pound bull?

"It's a new brand of thrill," explained Francesco Quinn, actor (24)and contestant in CMT's upcoming Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge.

The show will debut Aug. 10, featuring a group of celebrities including Quinn, Vanilla Ice, Leif Garrett, Stephen Baldwin, retired National Football League star Rocket Ismail, American Gladiator Dan Clark, Survivor participant Jonny Fairplay, UFC fighter Josh Haynes and motocrosser Kenny Bartram.

Ty Murray told members of the Television Critics Association tour here that it should take three years to really train someone to ride a bull. The show participants had nine days.

The competitors suffered broken bones and abject terror, according to their reminiscences. Fairplay said second one of the eight-second ride "sucks," because you're kind of pooping your pants, while seconds two through seven are euphoric, then the terror returns the last second when you have to get safely off the bull. Others said they were grossed out by the bull snot flung in their faces and projectile elimination by the enraged bulls.