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NCTA Is Target of Popular Resistance Protest followed up on its protest at FCC chairman Tom Wheeler's house earlier this week with a Wednesday picket line in front of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association headquarters in Washington, according to the group.

A photo on the website shows a handful of picketers with some tough signage.

As with its Wheeler protest, the group is pushing for reclassification of the Internet under Title II common carrier regulations.

It identifies the opposition to that reclassification as "a handful of corporations" who are members of NCTA. Actually the opposition also includes numerous members of CTIA: The Wireless Association, as well as the Communications Workers of America and the NAACP.

More protests were planned for Thursday by Battle for the Net, which includes Free Press and Demand Progress. That includes a "Dance Party" outside the FCC's Washington headquarters, a combination celebration of President Obama's call this week for Title II, and a call for the FCC to act on that "without delay."