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NCTA: Broadband Market Going Gangbusters

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association was
using the FCC'sjust-released Measuring Broadband America report Friday to pitch the
broadband marketplace as "healthy, competitive and growing."

In a blog posting, NCTA said the takeaway from the report
was that cable operators were delivering, and even over-delivering, advertised
speeds (99% of advertised download speeds during peak periods on average). That
was consistent with the FCC's July study.

But NCTA was also spotlighting a competitor, satellite broadband,
which it said the study showed was had significantly improved its service
quality, delivering well above its advertised speeds.

NCTA wants to make the point that satellite is a growing
competitor -- the more competitive the market, the stronger the argument for

It also pointed to the migration of consumers to higher
tiers. "Perhaps the most important takeaway of the Commission's study is
the clear evidence that consumers are reaping the benefits of faster and more
robust broadband connections," said NCTA.