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NBCU Resubmits Info to FCC

company spokesman confirms that NBCU Tuesday re-submitted information to
the FCC in the commission's review of the proposed Comcast joint venture, which
means the clock should be re-starting on the FCC's vetting of the deal.

FCC on June 24 asked both NBCU and Comcast to resubmit their information
after it concluded the first answers were incomplete. It also said it was
stopping the informal 180-day shot clock on completing its review of the deal,
backdated to June 11 (the due date of the original information) until it got
the answers it was looking for. Comcast complied last week.

FCC was seeking a raft of information
on everything from a corporate
organizational chart to the last four years' worth of contracts for online and
on-air video distribution as well as descriptions of negotiations that did not
result in deals.
Such a request is not unusual, and in fact a Comcast source said it was a
hopeful sign that the data request came relatively early in the process (the
FCC began reviewing the deal March 18).

FCC spokesperson confirmed receipt.