NBC Universal Goes Gangster With New VOD Category

NBC Universal Wednesday announced it will make an unrated version of the Academy Award-nominated film “American Gangster” and a new “Gangster Movies” category available to on-demand and pay-per-view customers April 3.

VOD and PPV customers opting for this unrated version of “American Gangster,” starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, will also be able to sample an alternate ending to the film not shown in theaters.

The “Gangster Movies” VOD category will include mob classics such as “Carlito’s Way,” “Casino” and “Scarface,” with some of the films available in high definition in select markets.

Cable systems signed on to carry both “American Gangster” and the VOD “Gangster Movies” category include Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox Communications and Charter Communications.

“Some of the most-watched films on demand provide a different viewing experience than the theatrical release,” Stacy Melle, marketing vice president for NBCU’s digital distribution group, said in a statement. “Fans of the gangster genre and ‘American Gangster’ will enjoy this offering which delivers an unrated version of the film that is nearly 20 minutes longer.”