NBA Tips Off Replay Center

NBA replays are going state of the art.

The pro basketball league will operate a facility in Secaucus, N.J. outfitted with a host of screens and other equipment that will enable its referees to make more conclusive calls when plays are reviewable.

The NBA Replay Center, which will function as the primary hub for reviews, will bow with the beginning of the 2014-15 regular season on Oct. 28. The facility, connected to all 29 NBA arenas, features 20 replay stations and 94 television monitors that will help streamline the instant replay video review process.

The high-speed arena network will help accelerate the replay process while also enhancing the accuracy with which calls are made.  When a play is eligible for review, feeds from multiple camera angles will be available instantaneously to the NBA Replay Center with the best views sent to the on-court referees to help them make the correct call. If necessary, the NBA Replay Center can provide additional camera angles from the television and in-arena networks at a moment’s notice to further assist the referees.  

“The new state-of-the-art NBA Replay Center will not only help our officials get more calls correct by giving them enhanced views of the action, but will also help them do their jobs in a more expeditious manner,” said Rod Thorn, NBA president, Basketball Operations.

When one of the 15 replay triggers occurs during a contest, oncourt officials will be able to examine the play in question by communicating directly with the NBA Replay Center. The referee crew chief on the court makes the final call. Throughout the NBA season, three onsite replay managers will oversee operations, with each game having a dedicated replay operator monitoring triggers and referee signals for all reviewable situations.   Zoom functions, split screens and additional angles will further enhance the replay process and improve the likelihood and timeliness of the right calls.

The NBA is also putting a replay video archive into its digital content arsenal. The archive, which will live at, provides fans with a link to the explanation of the rule at hand, as well as the most conclusive video of the play in question.  Fans and media will then have the ability to search the database by date, team and trigger at any point during the season. 

Additionally, fans will be informed of the outcome of selected calls through the league’s extensive social media assets, including via Twitter (@nbaofficial), which will include real-time replay video.

Check out the NBA Replay Center here. :