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Nancy Grace Hospitalized With Blood Clots in Lungs

CNN Headline News anchor Nancy Grace has been hospitalized with blood clots in her lungs, one week after giving birth to twins.

Grace, 48, was hospitalized on Sunday after experiencing discomfort and began having trouble breathing while on her way to churn, CNN spokeswoman Janine Lamunno said in a statement posted on CNN’s Web site.

“She was brought to the emergency room in Atlanta,” Lamunno said. “Her doctors found two blood cluts in her lungs, which occurred as a result of the pregnancy. She is currently recovering and is expected to be released by the end of the week.”

Grace, who is married to Atlanta investment banker David Linch, gave birth to twins on Nov. 4, according to a report on her CNN Web site.

“Ms. Grace had recently developed a pulmonary edema, and her physician determined it would be best for Nancy, and for the twins, to deliver them today (Nov. 4),” according to the post on CNN’s Web site. “Lucy Elizabeth, John David, and their proud parents are now resting comfortably.