Name Change Is in the Starz

Things will align differently for Starz Encore Group LLC next year.

The premium programmer will change its corporate name, and it plans to roll out a new channel lineup and logo by March 31.

The new corporate name, Starz Entertainment Group LLC, is designed to simplify the company’s identity, to emphasize its flagship channel and to embrace advanced services such as Starz Ticket and Starz on Demand, according to president and chief operating office Robert Clasen.

Clasen said the changes -- the first comprehensive revision of the Starz services since the company was founded in 1991 -- will be fully rolled out March 31.

The modifications include replacing the name Starz Theater with Starz Edge, the service aimed at the 18-34 set; the combination of Starz Kids with Starz Family; and the debut of a Starz Comedy multiplex.

On the Encore side of the house, that moniker will be added to each of the following theme channels: Westerns, WAM! America’s Kidz Network, Mystery and Action. Elsewhere, the company will rename True Stories Encore Drama, while Love Stories will become Encore Love.