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NAB Ready to Cooperate With Congress on Violence Study

The National Association of Broadcasters said
Wednesday it was ready to work with Congress to help avoid a future tragedy
like the shootings at Sandy Hook.

Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) Wednesday introduced a bill that would mandate a
scientific study of the impact of violent video games and programming on
children, with the results going to Congress, the FCC and the Federal TradeCommission.

a statement Wednesday, NAB signaled it would
support that effort, though it suggested the study was a tall order.

the inherent difficulties in scientifically ascertaining the impact of video
violence on real-life violence," said NAB in an e-mailed
statement, "we stand ready to work with Senator Rockefeller and the National
Academy of Sciences to learn whatever we can that can help our country avoid
anything like what we have seen in recent days."

legislators and the White House have signaled that there needs to be a national
conversation about stemming gun violence that includes access to weapons,
mental health issues, parenting and cultural influences. Video games appear to
be the focus of that last category, but violent video programming more
generally has also been invoked, including by Senator Rockefeller.