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NAB Gets Extension on Spectrum Homework

The FCC has granted the National Association of
Broadcasters request
for a 10-day extension
of the April 18 deadline for comments on implementingnew video description and other communications accessibility rules.

The deadline is now April 28, with reply comments due May

NAB pointed out that it also had an April 18 reply
comment deadline on the FCC's proposal to let wireless broadband share TV
spectrum, allow stations to share channels, and improve VHF transmissions.
Spectrum is inarguably NAB's biggest issue as it attempts to preserve its
service in the face of a government push for wireless broadband spectrum.

NAB also pointed out that April 18 was only a couple of
business days after its annual convention (April 11-14 in Las Vegas), where
broadcasters, their attorneys and public interest representatives (who
will also likely be weighing in on the spectrum proposal) would be
otherwise occupied.

"Given the importance of the issues in this
proceeding and in the interest of encouraging public dialogue regarding these
issues...we believe that granting NAB's request is necessary to facilitate the
development of a full record," the FCC said in approving the extension.