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NAB: FCC Needs to Collect Comprehensive Wireless Spectrum Use/Efficiency Data

The FCC asked for input on the state of the wireless
industry and the National Association of Broadcasters has some advice for it:
Figure out how, where and to what extend wireless carriers are using the
spectrum they already have.

NAB argues that neither the FCC nor Congress can advance
sound spectrum policy -- that would appear to include holding a broadcast
spectrum auction to relieve the perceived crunch -- until it collects that

In comments filed this week, NAB says that while wireless
carriers are busy telling the FCC in their comments that they need more
spectrum, the FCC should instead be focused on "whether and how intensely
licensees use spectrum and where," NAB says. "Without this critical
information, the Commission cannot make optimal -- or even rational -- spectrum
management decisions."

The FCC is in the midst of an effort to reclaim
broadcast spectrum for auction to meet what is a projected shortfall of
capacity for the admittedly exploding mobile broadband ecosystem. It wants the
FCC first look into how efficiently carriers are using the spectrum they
already have. Without that, NAB argues, "the Commission cannot rationally
determine whether more efficiency or more spectrum is the better answer to a
perceived spectrum crunch in the nation's largest markets."