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NAB to FCC: Don't Take Our ENG Channels

The National Association of Broadcasters reiterated to the FCC Monday that it needs all the ENG spectrum it currently has.

Wireless companies have recommended that the FCC take back the top two channels of Broadcast Auxiliary service spectrum as part of an effort to clear up 15 MHz of spectrum per congressional directive.

But NAB says there is other spectrum that would fill that bill without compromising local broadcast news, which relies on BAS spectrum to transmit news from the field--those news trucks with the dish antennas that are a fixture at breaking news sites.

"The proposal to eliminate two channels from the top of the 2 GHz BAS band would severely hamper broadcasters' newsgathering operations, particularly during public emergencies and breaking news events, and is therefore against the public interest."

NAB points out that not only do local broadcasters and their viewers benefit from broadcast news use of BAS, but so do the cable and broadcast network news outlets who use those feeds for breaking news coverage of stories like the Navy Yard shooting.