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NAB, CTIA Seek More Time to Comment on Auctions

The National Association of Broadcasters and CTIA: The
Wireless Association may be on different sides of the incentive auctions, but
they agree that they need more time to weigh in on spectrum auctions.

In a joint filing, the groups asked that the FCC move the
comment/reply comment dates from Dec. 21, 2012, and Feb. 19, 2013, to Jan. 25,
2013, and March 26, 2013. They suggested that the move would actually speed the
process, not slow it, saying there were ongoing industry discussions.

"A limited extension is in the public interest to allow
interested parties the time necessary to address the complicated economic,
engineering, and policy issues raised by the Incentive Auction Notice of
Proposed Rulemaking," they said.

"Industry is currently engaged in productive
discussions that will likely lead to concrete proposals that may garner broad
support for the Commission to consider," they added. Conversely, if the
extension is not granted, they warned: "[It] will likely result in
comments containing incomplete analysis and uncertain conclusions, thereby
requiring another round of comments and causing even lengthier delay."