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NAB-Backed Study: Broadcasting Brand Still Strong

Local and network news can hold its own with digital brands like Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter, or at least that is the assertion of a new SmithGeiger report funded by the National Association of Broadcasters.

SmithGeiger says that conclusion is based on 3,365 online interviews with consumers ages 18-64 which sought to identify the "depth of brand affinity" over broadcasting, cable and digital news brands.

SmithGeiger, who headed the research, said that at 57%, broadcasters had the highest positive brand affinity score (respondents who said “I like this brand” or it is “a favorite”), vs. 52% for digital and 40% for cable.

And in a sort of Boy Scout measure of brand affinity—trustworthy, informative, makes a difference in your daily life—broadcasters got a 49% score to digital's 43% and cable's 34%.

The broadcast brands included the Big Four networks, Univision and Telemundo, as well as all local broadcasters in a market.

Among the study highlights:

66% of respondents are getting news from a broadcaster—Web, TV or mobile—at least once a week and 39% are watching TV news every day.

39% say they are going to a broadcaster's Web site at least once a week for news and information.