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NAB 2010: OMVC's D.C. Mobile Test to Include Ad Council "Buzzed Driving" PSAs

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The Open
Mobile Video Coalition's Washington, D.C. test of mobile TV will include PSAs
for The Ad Council's Buzzed Driving" campaign.

The mobile
test by Washington-area TV stations now slated to launch this spring (pushed
back from earlier in the year), will not only feature the 30-second ads running
on those stations, but interstitials that appear full screen for a few seconds
while a user is changing channels on their mobile device, and banner ads on the
channel guide screen with links to a website.

Buzzed Driving PSAs are currently designed to reach young adults, the group
most likely to drive while impaired," said Ad Council Executive Director
of Media Charlie Rutman in announcing the mobile public service partnership.
"Given the percentage of young people in our target audience who own a
mobile device, the Mobile TV platform is a wonderful opportunity for our
messages. We are grateful to the TVB for their continued support of this
critical effort."