Murdoch Reels In $29.2M in FY2014

Twenty-First Century Fox chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch’s total compensation rose slightly in fiscal 2014, a year after the media conglomerate split into two separate companies.

According to a proxy statement filed Monday, Murdoch received $29.2 million in total compensation in fiscal 2014, a 1% rise over the $28.9 million he received in fiscal 2013.

Murdoch’s News Corp. completed the split which cleaved its holdings into two separate companies – 21st Century Fox, which holds its television assets such as the Fox Broadcasting network and its cable holdings; and News Corp., which includes its publishing assets – on June 28, 2013.

Murdoch’s base salary actually declined for the year to $7.1 million from $8.1 million and his non-equity incentive plan compensation dipped from $12.5 million in fiscal 2013 to $10.2 million in fiscal 2014. He more than made up the difference with $6.3 million in stock awards (up from $5.2 million in the prior year) and $5.4 million in non-qualified deferred compensation earnings (up from $2.8 million in the prior year)

Chief operating officer Chase Carey’s total compensation rose 3.5% in the period,, to about 28 million, up from $27.05 million in fiscal 2013. Co-COO James Murdoch – Rupert’s son – had the biggest increase (9.7%) to $18.7 million from $17.04 million in fiscal 2013.