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Murdoch, McSlarrow Saluted By Media Institute

News Corp.
Chairman Rupert Murdoch and National Cable & Telecommunications
Association President Kyle McSlarrow will share top honors at the Media
Institute's 19th annual Friends and Benefactors Banquet
Oct. 6 in Washington.

Murdoch will
receive the American Horizon Award, which is for "visionary leadership
in promoting the vitality and independence of the media industry."
McSlarrow, will receive the Freedom of Speech
Award for his and the association's efforts to promote National Freedom
of Speech Week
, which this year is Oct. 18-24.

Institute is a First Amendment and policy think tank supported by major
media companes. Freedom of Speech Week was launched by the Institute in
2005 in conjunction with the National Association
of Broadcasters Education Foundation to promote support for free
expression through community events, awards competitions, seminars,
campus events, and encouraging individual expressions as simple as
posting an online comment, applying a bumper sticker or
writing a letter to the editor.